Memory vs New Idea

So I just had an unpleasant experience with a piece I was working on. I have been writing a piece for a woodwind quartet (I do classical as well as electronic) and was playing through the bassoon part (on an actual bassoon,) when someone listening walked up and said,
“Isn’t that a Debussy piece?”
I was naturally surprised; I’d thought it was an original idea. I played it for them again, and it turns out it was almost exactly the same as au Clair de la Lune, by Debussy. It turns out my idea was actually a memory of a piece I’d heard a long time ago. What I’d thought was an original work on my part, is really just an arrangement for woodwind quartet, or at best a variation (basically the classical version of a remix). I guess I’ll go back to Electronic music, after that bit of disappointment.

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1 Response to Memory vs New Idea

  1. Antimatter2 says:

    Ah, see, there’s the danger of knowing much, and at the same time, trying to create original content. Sometimes you can’t be sure if someone’s already done what you’re doing. The good thing is, this means that you’re at least as good at musical creation as Claude Debussy was.

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