Honor in the Shadows

The kickstarter campaign for No Honor Among Thieves has begun! Back the campaign at any level to recieve a brand new track, Honor in the Shadows. Watch the video for a preview of the full track. 

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No Honor

A brand-new track is going to be featured in the kickstarter video for No Honor Among Thieves, a fantasy heist card game by  Carpe Omnis Games, and will be available for download for backers at the $1 pledge level if you want to support this excellent game.

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Identifier now on Youtube

Check out all six tracks on Youtube! A slightly lower-quality streaming experience than Soundcloud, but also slightly more profitable for me because I can put tiny unobtrusive banner ads on the bottom.

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Identifier now available

Identifier, an EP of my latest music, is now available on Bandcamp. It’s pay-what-you want, and though the minimum for the whole EP is $3, you can pick up the individual tracks for free if you like. It would be nice to have some money to reserve for a shiny new mic, though.

I’ve also uploaded it all to SoundCloud for easy streaming and will be uploading them to YouTube at a rate of at least 1/week (because that takes a bit more work.)

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Identifier coming soon

I’m going to be releasing an EP of my latest music soon, first up on bandcamp, then shortly later uploaded to YouTube. It consists of 6 tracks of varying genres, tallying up to just over half an hour of music. It’s shorter than my previous releases, but higher quality; I’ve learned a lot in the last year, and I’ve spent a lot more time focusing on mixing and mastering than I used to.

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Progress is slow

I was planning on having another full album complete by this summer, but at this rate it looks like that won’t be possible. Instead, I’m thinking I may release what I write as I finish it, and spend the summer doing remixes (because those get the views). I can say that I’ve done the first two tracks of the series I’m calling “Identifier” at the moment, titled Identifier, my interpretation of Deep House,  Alternator, a genre-non-specific track in my own style, and have three more in the works, a chiptune track, a western movie soundtrack/dubstep track, and an electronic/orchestral track. I’m going for genre diversity, because it annoys me to pick up an album and have all the music sound exactly the same. I’m also working on a blues cover of “Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked,” and the soundtrack for a videogame that’s in the works. 

Beyond that, I’m considering making a central hub for all my personal projects of which there are four at the moment, titled Pistols at Dawn, Schema, Identifier, and Sins of the Fathers. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to balance my time between all of these projects plus my other obligations. It would probably help to have a central location to post regular updates on the progress of each of these projects to keep you folks in the loop. More news on that as it develops. 

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Losing Touch

What the hell. Have one more.

That’s the end of Positronica. I’ll be uploading the album to bandcamp this weekend, hopefully, and I’ll keep you posted on what I’m working on next.

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Style of Light

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Never Enough

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Subterrain Garden

This one’s coming early, because I won’t be able to upload it tomorrow.

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