Hard Vacuum

A preview of some of the music that’s coming in DATUM. I spent more time working on this song than I think any to date.

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4 Responses to Hard Vacuum

  1. Antimatter2 says:

    Very good. The notes really sing to you. The laggy static bits are nice too, although I think a few of them should have more cue-in. I may be biased by other songs I’ve heard, but I think the notes should be just a little sharper/clearer, but I understand that the static buzz is some of what gives this song its unique personality.

    • I hope you realize that almost none of what you just said has any meaning to me. What you mean by “sharper,” and “cleaner,” means something totally different to me than it does to you. I interpreted it as “higher pitched” and “with fewer harmonics,” which doesn’t make sense in context.

      Also, I don’t know what you mean by “static buzz.” Are you sure that’s not just your speaker system?

  2. Antimatter2 says:

    I’m sorry. I don’t know all of the words for all of the sounds I know. I haven’t made electronic music before. It is clear I must do more research. What I meant by that static buzz was the quality that the notes have that makes them sound like a buzz, sort of like a sawtooth wave. I just wanted to give positive feedback with my ideas on fine-tuning. What plugins for Audacity do you use?

    • You’re probably talking about the hi-pass cutoff, in that case. I put the highpass filter cutoff very high in Hard Vacuum, so that’s probably what you meant.

      On the topic of DAWs, I don’t use audacity at all; it’s not really very well-suited to sequencing. I’m currently using a DAW called Sequel 2 with an open source VST called StudioFactory, but will probably upgrade to Cubase 7 now that it’s out.

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