A Tale of Mild Misfortunes

So, interesting things happened in the process of trying to get Cubase.

First, when I was just starting to try to actually buy it, after much indecision, when I entered all the payment data, the payment failed. I tried again. Once again, failed. Noticing only later that the item, specifically the upgrade from Sequel 2, said it was out of stock, I decided to wait until it came back into stock. So I waited.

For several weeks.

Eventually, I gave up and tried to buy the full version. Once again, the payment failed. When I called the credit card company, they said they didn’t know why it failed, payment had been canceled from Steinberg’s end. When I contacted Steinberg support, they, when they finally got back to me, said it was denied by the credit card company.

Now, by this point I had upgraded my computer to windows 8, because Vista doesn’t support Cubase 7. In the process, it somehow uninstalled everything on my computer. By the time I had finished with all that nonsense, the upgrade was back in stock. I realized at this point that I didn’t know where the activation code for Sequel 2 was, and wasted an entire day looking for it.

So I ended up having to buy the full version anyway. I tried using a different credit card, and lo and behold, it worked! It shipped, and was supposed to arrive yesterday. Operating word here is ‘supposed to.’ 

It didn’t.

Weirdest thing is, UPS swears it shipped. Says it was left by my front door at 5:27 yesterday. I was home then, and the UPS truck didn’t even go by. I called around to neighbors. Nothing.

It’s just vanished.

You can’t file a lost package claim until 24 hours later, so I’m going to wait 7 minutes and hope it arrives before then. If not, I’ll have to wait for UPS to do it’s ‘lost packages search protocol.’

The powers that be seem dead set against me getting this DAW.

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1 Response to A Tale of Mild Misfortunes

  1. Antimatter2 says:

    Sometimes the world just doesn’t want to work for you. It’s amazingly frustrating. After double and double the right amounts of toil and trouble, hopefully it’ll all be worth it.

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