Positronica begins

Diamonds, No rough

Positronica Album Art 1

Big news!

Now that I’ve hit the one hour/12 tracks mark, starting next week, I’m going to be releasing Positronica, one track every Wednesday, with bonus tracks and album art interspersed at random intervals as they occur.

Above is the first album art for Positronica, also titled “Diamonds, No Rough.” The first track, to be released next Wednesday (July 2nd) is Positron Storm, which I wrote before Speakeasy as the first track in Positronica.


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1 Response to Positronica begins

  1. Phhase says:

    You made it from scratch, I presume? That’s beautiful, good job. Seems like a perfect subject to use the made-up adjective “glasseous” (rhymes with “gaseous”).

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