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Transitioning back to Bandcamp

For simplicity and publicity’s sake, I’m going to transition back over to Bandcamp. Check it out┬áhere. I’d originally moved over to hosting a Fastspring store through WordPress because it had lower fees, but Bandcamp seems to have much better SEO … Continue reading

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On Side-Chaining

So here’s something I’ve noticed recently: Side-chaining is everywhere in music these days. So now for some context. One of the effects that’s used really commonly in production is called a “compressor.” The compressor does pretty much what it says … Continue reading

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The Lotus Club

Another electro-swing piece, and the last for a little while, I think. I need to get back to work on Positronika.

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The Looking Glass

The third track in Speakeasy.

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Nous Sommes Ici

The second song in Speakeasy, an ongoing experiment in Electro-Swing, is now live!

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Speakeasy, the first song in my Electro-Swing experiment, is now live on youtube. Give it a listen:

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Volume Issues

So apparently, there are some volume problems with Datum, and a lot of the music came out very quiet, certainly much quieter than I intended. This is due to my change in software partway through writing the album. I’ve learned … Continue reading

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Datum is up now, available in the store and on Youtube.

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Datum is coming along

I checked the folder with the pieces I’ve been working on for Datum and was surprised to see that I am done 10 already. Maybe four or five more and I’ll call it done. Also, I’m sampling┬áthis in the piece … Continue reading

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Dubs, the stepping thereof, and lessons learned therefrom.

I have made an interesting discovery recently. Dupstep is… surprisingly easy. Actually, just about any genre. I had a really hard time for a while trying to figure out how to make the sounds that a lot of producers use, … Continue reading

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