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Identifier coming soon

I’m going to be releasing an EP of my latest music soon, first up on bandcamp, then shortly later uploaded to YouTube. It consists of 6 tracks of varying genres, tallying up to just over half an hour of music. … Continue reading

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The Looking Glass

The third track in Speakeasy.

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Nous Sommes Ici

The second song in Speakeasy, an ongoing experiment in Electro-Swing, is now live!

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The list

I like to maintain a list of song names I want to write. It’s something fun to do when not writing music. Thought I’d share what it is at the moment. E.M.P.athy Ad Hominem Hard Vaccuum* Game Over QED Cheshire* … Continue reading

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Split Voices

Something I’ve discovered creates a really near effect when working with multitrack DAWs, is to have two almost identical tracks, but not quite the same, one panned all the way left, one right. For example, duplicating a vocal track and … Continue reading

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