The list

I like to maintain a list of song names I want to write. It’s something fun to do when not writing music. Thought I’d share what it is at the moment.

Ad Hominem
Hard Vaccuum*
Game Over
Track Zero
Where credit’s Due
Decibel (possibly just ‘Db.’)
Call to Arms
Faux Pas (alternitively, ‘Je ne Sais Quoi’)
‘We Will Fight’ (churchill)*

*currently a work in progress

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4 Responses to The list

  1. Antimatter2 says:

    I’m curious, do you come of with the sound ides for a song first, or the name first, or a little of both? Names for sound or sounds of a Name? Of course, I’m referring to original songs, not ones that take some of their basic elements from history, such as Humanity.

  2. Antimatter2 says:

    Meylin is something to do with muscle fiber right? I like the name.

  3. Antimatter2 says:

    Ah right. Knew it had something to do with signals.

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